What is it?​

This procedure can be applied from children who have dental malposition problems, making an early intervention with orthopedics; to adults who want to improve dental aesthetics and function. First step: you must not have cavities! Then, your dentist will give you an order to do some x-rays and studies. When the results are ready an appointment with our specialist would be scheduled. Here your doubts about the time that the treatment lasts and the different techniques we have will be solved. It will help you make the best decision.

We have different techniques to realign teeth.


Conventional treatment

There are the regular metal braces

Cost: $2,900 usd (initial payment $550 usd)


Damon System

 With this option you can access to  less sores, better hygiene, faster appointments, shorter treatment time

Damon Q2  $3,500 usd (initial payment $700 usd)
Damon clear $3,950 usd(initial payment $900 usd)



There are comfortable and great fitting clear aligners, it is an alternative to metal braces.

Cost $4,000 usd  (initial payment $2,000 usd)

A simple smile can change everything

Our personalized attention and comprehensive dental care will give you the healthy natural smile you deserve.