Aesthetic Dentistry


Dental Veneers

Thin Restorations coverings that are placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth that can be seen when smiling. Veneers help change the shape and color of teeth. First, we perform an assessment where photographs are taken, and a wax mold is made to plan and test the suggested shape and size. This goes hand in hand with a digital smile design that will allow us to achieve the smile you want. Before preparing the teeth, an acrylic test is done to show you what the result will be like, once we come to an agreement we preparing teeth and an impression is taken. On the next visit, the veneers are cemented.

Time: 3 visits
Cost: $590 usd each


Teeth Whitening

There are different techniques for this procedure, as long as you are a candidate they are all good options. The full treatment consists of a 1 hour  office application and a home kit for 7 to 9 days. First an assessment of the teeth will be done and photographs will be taken. The whitening is carried out in a relaxed environment. Instructions are given to avoid food with colors and how to use the gel to avoid sensitivity. Remember, whitening should be done before any aesthetic treatment that way restorations can match the new color of your teeth.

Time: 1:30 hours in office / 7-9 days home kit
Cost:  Full  $350 usd (office +home kit ) / Only office   $250 usd

A simple smile can change everything

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