What is it?​

Performing minimally invasive procedures and preventing oral diseases are part of our philosophy, our goal and commitment to you.


Minimally Invasive Treatments:

Less is more, each procedure to be performed at Molar House always aims to maintain the greatest amount of dental tissue. We focus on prolonging the life of your teeth; we achieve this as much as possible by avoiding entering the restorative cycle, promoting prevention and performing treatments within the tooth only when necessary.



– The most common diseases that impact our oral health are cavities and periodontitis. At Molar House, we firmly believe that prevention avoids going through unpleasant situations for people and that it is possible for a person to go through less dental treatments throughout their life.

– Dental cavities are an infectious process that require several factors for it to cause significant damage to your teeth. Cavities are caused by: saliva, bacteria, what you eat and your hygiene. Cavities can cause pain or tooth loss.

– Periodontitis is a disease where the tissues that support your teeth are lost. Periodontitis is caused by the accumulation of food near the gums. The consequence of this disease is dental mobility, bad breath and tooth loss. 

Both diseases can be avoided with proper prevention. Our preventive approach identifies them, defines the stage they are in and treat them from the bottom. We give you the necessary tools to treat the disease, controlling risk factors and repairing the consequences that they leave on your teeth. Most dental treatments consist of treating the consequences of diseases.


Dental Cleaning​

Consists of removing plaque and calculus accumulated in the teeth which can sometimes be covered by your gums. Next, we will clean the proximal faces of the teeth using dental floss, dark stains are removed and finally the teeth are polished. We recommend doing this every 3 to 6 months depending on your daily hygiene.

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $50 usd



A preventive procedure in which a material is placed over the grooves of the teeth to prevent food from accumulating. As a result, the chance of tooth decay decreases. Sealants do not require anesthesia and can be performed at any age. This preventive way is a very good option for children and teenagers.

Time: 30 min 
Cost: $50 usd each



When you wake up, do you feel pain in your face muscles? Do you notice that your teeth are worn out? You may require this treatment. Guards custom are plastic molds specially made for your upper teeth which prevents teeth wear and improves muscle relaxation. It is recommended for bruxism (when unintentionally grinding your teeth). Guards are comfortable and we generally recommend using them at night (for sleeping) or whenever you feel tension. Washing them is easy, using cold water and neutral soap.We will provide you a case to use as a protection of your guard when dry. Over time it wears out and it will need to be replaced. Ask for our sports protection guards!

Time: 30 min (same day delivery) / sport (2 appointments 30 minutes each one)
Cost: $140 usd

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Our personalized attention and comprehensive dental care will give you the healthy natural smile you deserve.