First Time Patients

Any information that can help you to make the best decision.

What will your experience be like on the first visit?



When you arrive at New City Medical Plaza.

You will find two buildings connected by a commercial area, the medical tower is the one in the corner.2 hour valet parking or self parking (remember to stamp your ticket with us) will be available to you.



When you enter, you will reach the lobby.

(you must take your temperature and apply antibacterial gel) Access to the tower is via QR code that will be sent to you previously. Once you’re outside the elevator , press 24 on the screen and it will indicate you with a letter for what elevator to take. Once on the 24th floor turn left and you will find our office 2402. 



Once at Molar House.

Our Staff will be there to welcome you. Upon arrival you will check in and you will be ready to know your dentist.



First of all, your dentist will ask you about your main concern.

Then we will check your mouth in detail and if necessary we will take some x-rays and photos.

Dentist In Tijuana


Once in the diagnostic room.

We will explain in detail the condition of your teeth and tissues  surrounding them. At that moment is when a treatment plan along the cost will be given to you. At this time you decide if you want to start the treatment or want to schedule an appointment at your earliest  convenience.

How to get to Molar House/return?​

How to get?

There are 2 ports of entry:
San Ysidro ( we recommend the most) and Otay.
Otay Mesa is the furthest from Molar House, so we do not recommend it.

An option is to park your vehicle in San Ysidro and walk across the border. Ped East is the most recommended since it is the closest to us.

It is very close and simple, it will take you about 20 minutes. Molar House  is located only half mile from the border.

There are several taxi locations that you can use, the only thing you need to know is our address.

You can use your GPS. Ask us and we will send you our location or, you can watch the video of how to get to our office, it is very simple and will only take you 3 minutes.

Once you’re in the building, in front of the Medical Plaza entrance, you will find Valet Parking Service or self parking options. You can also find public parking lots in the same block.

How to return?

Remember to bring your passport, residence card, visa or sentri.
Our Staff can give you information on how
short the wait is to return to the US

There are 4 different options to cross by car to the US, Regular Lane, Ready Lane, Medical Lane and Sentri Lane.

  • Regular Lane

This is the general lane, where all people with a passport, visa or resident card can enter the US. The wait is usually longer.

  • Ready Lane

If you and your companions have any of the following documents, you can use this option. The wait is usually moderate:

-U.S. Passport Card
-Enhanced Permanent Resident Card 
-Or a Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST) 

  • Sentri Lane

You, your companions and your car must be registered through the Sentri program and memberships must be up to date. The wait is usually minimal.

  • Medical Lane

This is a special lane for people who come to Tijuana for medical or tourist reasons and may be used with a courtesy medical pass. You can request a pass at our reception. 

Once in the medical lane, on the Mexico side you will drive up to a booth where you will hand the agent your pass. The wait is light. 

For a medical pass we require the following information, be sure to bring them with you to your visit:

-Driver’s full name as it appears on your passport.
-Number of people in the car.
-License plate number.

What to eat?

Are you ready to try out your new teeth? Tijuana’s food is something that many enjoy.Coming to the dentist,believe it or not, can be a pleasant experience.

Here within the same square, you can find “The park” an innovative space  with delicious places to eat. You will not have to move around the city, here you will find several options to taste the cuisine and wines of the region

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Where to stay?

At Molar House we specialize in seeing patients from all over the world. That is why our facilities are in New City Medical Plaza. For the comfort of our patients, the Quartz hotel is at your disposal. You can stay at the Quartz while we work on your dental treatment. You will find recovery rooms, gym, spa, swimming pool and other amenities. 

Mention Molar House or Dr Benjamin Arechiga Arias to apply the preferential rate! (aprox $103 usd + tax)
Quartz Hotel contact +52 (664) 862 82 00
[email protected]