Dental Implants

Learn more about dental implants in Tijuana and why they might be the best choice for you.

Dental Implants In Tijuana

The border city of Tijuana has become a favorite dentistry destination for tourists looking to fix their smiles with a dental treatment performed by a professional dentist. Specially because the cost of dental implants can be very high in the United States, while in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico the price for dental implants, and for the dentist service in general, is lower and the service is of the same quality.  It is for this reason that dental services in a dental office in Tijuana, become an excellent solution for many people coming from the United States and Canada mainly, especially when it comes to a dental implant procedure.


What do dental implants in Tijuana consist of?

Dental implants basically consist of placing titanium screws in the jawbone where teeth have been lost. The purpose of the placement of the implant is to replace the root of the tooth and place a substitute for the lost piece.  A dental crown or bridge can be placed over the implant, depending on how many teeth have been lost and the person’s needs.

Dental implants are permanent, meaning that they can not be removed like removable prostheses. Therefore, they are one of the best alternatives, recommended by a dentist, for patients who have lost a tooth or many teeth and do not want to wear dentures.

Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico are placed under local anesthesia and once in place, they are left in place to settle for approximately 4 to 6 months. This is in order to keep them in place as natural tooth roots would. After these months some attachments are placed to help fix the prosthesis.

Finally, the prosthesis or, if necessary, the crown that will take the place of the lost tooth are placed. The main benefit of dental implants is that they look like natural teeth, so they can provide a beautiful smile without losing naturalness. 


Why are implants always made of metal?

First of all, it is important to clarify what metal the implant is made of. Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico are made of titanium, because titanium is the most used metal in medicine as it is light, resistant like steel, does not rust and is accepted by the body, which makes it an excellent choice for maintaining oral hygiene.

The crowns that are placed over the implants can be made of zirconium or  porcelain. This will depend on the taste and budget of each patient, as well as their needs.


Who are candidates for dental implants?

In general, most of the public can be candidates for implants to replace missing teeth. But some patients with pre-existing conditions such as blood diseases, bone diseases, diabetes or pregnant women should consult a specialist to verify if they are candidates for dental implants in Tijuana Mexico.

Implants can usually be placed if you have lost only one tooth, a part or all of your teeth. These screws replace the natural roots of the teeth, so that both crowns and bridges or dentures remain fixed in the jaws, as if they were natural teeth.

In the past, people with bone loss in the jaws due to wear and tear or accidents could not be candidates for implants. Fortunately, nowadays there are treatments such as bone grafts, which allow the jaws to recover enough bone mass for implants.

Bone grafts and gum grafts allow older patients or patients with little bone in the jaws to acquire implants. It should be clarified that bone grafts are not always possible or successful in some patients, therefore a previous evaluation is necessary.


Who places dental implants in Tijuana?

In our dental clinic Molar House it is our team of professionals who are in charge of placing the implants with the proper care.

Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico have the advantage of being placed in patients whose previous analysis indicates that they are real candidates. That is why their success rate is the highest, since each particular case is followed up to make sure the patient is satisfied with the results.

In general, 6 visits to our clinic are required to complete the dental implant treatment with the proper care.

If you would like more information about our Tijuana dental implants service, the cost or want to know if you are a candidate, we invite you to contact us. At Molar House, we will help you get the best smile with an ideal treatment plan for you.

Who might not be a candidate for dental implants?

There are patients whose pre-existing medical conditions prevent them from getting dental implants in Tijuana Mexico.

Patients with blood diseases

Healing and osseointegration are critical to a successful dental implant, so when a patient has blood disorders this is made more difficult. For example, patients with hemophilia or healing problems are not recommended for implants unless the dentist deems them suitable.

Patients with chronic or degenerative diseases affecting the bone or blood

Patients with some types of cancer, with very significant bone loss,  with cardiovascular disease or uncontrolled diabetes.

Pregnant women

Pregnancy by itself is not a contraindication to get dental implants in Tijuana Mexico. The contraindication is because it is necessary to take antibiotics and other medications after surgery, and these can adversely affect the baby and the mother-to-be.

In all of the previous cases it is necessary to obtain the approval of both the treating physician and the dentists in order for the patient to undergo the treatment.

Smoking patients

Dental implants are surgically inserted in the jawbone and need incisions in the gums. The osseointegration is required for the implants to fuse with the bone. When a person smokes, he/she has a weaker immune system than a non-smoker, this causes the procedure to take longer and in many occasions to be unsuccessful, since there is a higher probability of infections and failures in the dental implant.

A simple smile can change everything

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