Our Story

Welcome to Molar House

Our Story

We dreamed of offering our services as close to the border as possible, and in a space where the comfort and experience of our patients was essential. We are making it happen and we are very excited to share it with you.

Dentist In Tijuana

How Molar House started?

We are familiar with the medical system of the United States, so coming to see us in Tijuana is a great option. In Molar House the treatment you will receive is of equal or of better quality, with personalized attention and better prices.  We decided to set up our dental clinic in New City Medical Plaza, the largest medical tourism project in Mexico which offers all medical services in one place.

NCMP is a concept located in the city of Tijuana, Mexico less than a half mile away from the border. Molar House is on the 24th floor of the 30-floor building.Along with the medical plaza the Quartz hotel has recovery rooms, spa, gym and other great facilities. The hotel and the medical tower are connected with a shopping center where you could find:

  • Boutiques selling Mexican crafts
  • Restaurants serving Baja-med style food
  •  Wine and beer of the region
  •  Pharmacy
  • Clinical analysis laboratory
  • Radiology center

All of this without any need to leave the comfort of the plaza.