What is it?​

 Inside the tooth, right in the center, there is a space full of blood vessels and nerve endings, these give life to the tooth and connect it with our sensations. When the pulp is damaged there is pain, and endodontics ( also commonly known as root canal) is a treatment that allows us to eliminate the pulp without having to remove the tooth. There may be pain for many reasons, for instance some are due to cavities or trauma.


What does it consist of?

It is a procedure that requires local anesthesia, an access is created to the  tooth’s pulp chamber and the pulp tissue is removed. Through that tooth opening , the space is filled with a special material that prevents the access of bacteria and allows the tooth to stay in the mouth longer. The tooth is left without feeling but continues to function for chewing. At the end of the treatment, the access must be sealed with a core build-up material or a post. 

The core build up procedure may be the final step to restoring the tooth depending on the case. If the tooth is severely damaged, a crown will be the indicated treatment to protect against fractures.

Time:  1:30 hours
Cost: $350 usd


Microscope: the best to visualize a denture

The introduction of the microscope has revolutionized the quality of endodontic treatments and diagnoses

This equipment allows the operator to observe the dental piece up to 40 times larger than its real size, which translates into greater precision than that achieved by the human eye, so more predictable and successful results are obtained in the long term.


  • Location of calcified ducts
  • Crack visualization
  • Pole removal
  • Puncture repair

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