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Dr. Brenda Lozano

Dr. Brenda Lozano

Preventive and restorative dentistry

For me, the mouth is an essential part of the human being, is where digestion begins and where we get all the nutrients that give us life, it help us communicate with others and it is also where we reflect our joy and laughter.

Brief Biography

Hello, welcome to Molar House, I will tell you a bit about my story. 

I was born in the state of Guanajuato in León, and I grew up in Romita, a city located 40 minutes from the capital. Guanajuato is a magical city that takes you to the past, wraps you with its mysticism, ghost legends, and teaches you about Mexican culture and traditions. 

Romita is a small city surrounded by fertile fields, where mainly onion, watermelon, potatoes and corn are planted. It is a place full of traditions and festivals that unite people. Gilberto and Xóchitl are my parents, two wise people who have guided me, supported me at every step and who have always given me the best of their knowledge. 

During college I met Ben, I remember the first time I saw him I fell for him, and since then we have been together, he is my love and companion. I am very grateful to be able to create this project by his side. We got married and moved to the city of Tijuana, this diverse city, with a wall that divides the indivisible, with delicious food and a valley that produces the best Mexican wine and breathtaking landscapes.

My experience

In 2011 I received my degree in Dentistry at the University of La Salle Bajío, in the city of León. I got involved with the education system, always focusing on the patient’s well-being and on making treatments as well-founded and predictable as possible. Afterwards, I spent a year doing social service at the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) where Ilearned about surgery and the anatomy of the head. Then in 2012 I started my own practice. Then in 2014 I worked in Odontologia Integral de Mexico since 2021 when this project began.

Dr. Benjamín Aréchiga

Dr. Benjamin Arechiga-Arias

Cosmetic dentistry and Oral rehabilitation

My philosophy for work is always based on treating my patients with the same care and compassion I would treat my own family members, offering treatments that if necessary I would like to have done in my own mouth. 

Brief Biography

Hello, I am Benjamin Arechiga-Arias, I was born in San Diego, CA. I grew up in both Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA. and I am the son of 2 great dentists, and since I can remember I have been surrounded by dentistry. I love it! 

In my free time I love taking outdoor activities. On our days off I go hiking, camping, playing tennis, and spending time with my wife Brenda.

My experience

In 2012 I graduated from the Universidad de La Salle Bajío, a great university accredited by the National Board of California, where I met my wife Brenda. When I finished my degree, I did a year of social service in Mexico, where I developed many abilities both in dentistry and personal relations. Ever since  I have kept myself constantly updated on the latest techniques and materials to carry out my work.

I returned to the city of Tijuana to open my own dental clinic along with Dr. Lozano. During the last 9 years I have dedicated myself to bettering the smile of hundreds of patients, focusing on restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

What does Molar House mean to us?

Now after 9 years, Molar House comes alive to this space where we placed our creativity, service, time, our hands and knowledge.  Our intention at Molar House  is to guide people to keep their mouth healthy, carrying out personalized treatments with a comprehensive approach (both physical and emotional). 

Thank you for reading, I hope I get to meet you soon.


Dr. Lorena Davalos

Preventive and restorative dentistry

My work philosophy revolves around empathetic and humane patient care. I am committed to approaching each treatment with utmost dedication to enhance oral health.

Brief Biography

I am originally from Mexico City, where I was born and lived for 12 years. I have always been drawn to the architectural and archaeological sites in the capital and its surroundings, as well as the regional cuisine. At the age of 12, my family and I moved to Tijuana, where the city welcomed us with open arms, offering new experiences and stages in our lives.
My family plays a fundamental role in my life; they are my driving force. It is with their support that I have always been inspired and encouraged to grow both personally and professionally.

My experience

From a very young age, I harbored a curiosity about the human body. This led me to pursue a degree in Dentistry at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. During my time as a student, I had the opportunity to work as a dental assistant, which helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice. I completed my studies in 2015 and carried out a year of social service at the Health Department in Tijuana. This experience was invaluable, emphasizing the importance of oral health prevention in my clinical practice.

Since 2015, I have maintained a commitment to continuous professional development, staying updated on cutting-edge techniques and implementing new materials to ensure the best possible care for my patients.

Dr. Luis Joel

Dr. Luis Joel Rogriguez Ibañez

Implants and Bucal Surgery

To be as predictable as possible in my surgical treatments, always treating the patient with human quality.

Brief Biography

Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, my passion is to share the information and knowledge I have developed in the field of dentistry since 2002. I provide talks, courses, and training to colleagues from different specialties.

My experience

Dental technician and dentist specialized in CAD/CAM digital workflow systems, prosthetic creation, implant planning, and the production of surgical guides. I perform implant placements predictably by analyzing, studying, and planning information from each patient using tomography and study models. Supported by a surgical guide, the placement becomes more predictable.

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Carolina Largo (Recepcionista)



Betzaida Castro (Gerente de mantenimiento y almacén)

Betzaida Castro

Maintenance and warehouse manager

Belén Ordoñez (Asistente dental)

Belen Ordoñez

Dental Assistant

David Díaz (Técnico dental)

David Díaz

Dental Technician

Ezzio Diarte (Asistente dental)

Ezzio Diarte

Dental Assistant