What is it?​

Oral rehabilitation is an important and significant procedure performed to gain oral and jaw health over the years and to upgrade the patient’s quality of life. Rehabilitation involves replacing missing teeth, this is important to efficient chewing and for aesthetic reasons. There are several ways to do it, some are fixed and others are removable, the choice will depend on the conditions of your mouth and your decision.



Implants are made of titanium and are fused to the jawbone, is the closest thing to mimicking a natural tooth because it stands on its own without affecting the nearby teeth and has great stability. 

Implants are an option when a single tooth has been lost.Also it can be used for a bridge or to support a denture.

For this treatment the first step is an examination of the area to be considered for the dental implant and make a clinical assessment of whether the patient is a good candidate for a dental implant. A tomography of the area is required for the tooth has been lost and being replace.

Once we have confirmed that it is possible to place it, we proceed with the surgery which is performed with local anesthesia,the implant is placed into the jawbone. It will take a bit of time, but the implant will fuse with your natural jaw to create a strong foundation for replacement teeth. The healing process may take time (usually around 4 up to 6 months), 

After waiting, an x-ray is taken to verify the implant has completely fused into the jawbone.Once the implant has bonded, a connector (called an abutment) is placed to connect the implant to a replacement tooth. After 2-3 weeks the impression is taken to make the crown, the bridge or the total prosthesis depending on the case. The final appointment is for the placement of the prosthesis.

Time: Approximately 6 visits (assessment, implant placement, check up, connector, impression and placement of the prosthesis)

Cost: Implant $900 usd/ crown over implant $620 usd



A dental bridge is a fixed dental piece that is made of two dental crowns that effectively “bridge” the gap between your missing teeth. Bridges involve creating a crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth, with a false tooth/teeth in between.

The only disadvantage of this treatment is that the healthy adjacent teeth that will act as abutments have to be prepared to create space and be able to receive the bridge. Sometimes this can require a root canal treatment. 

In the first visit, the teeth are prepared and an impression is taken; in the second, the dental bridge is cemented.

Time: 2 visits, 1 hour each.

Cost: 3 units bridge $1,650 usd


Removable Partial Dentures

Usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic or metal base.Partial Dentures are removed for washing and at bedtime. It is supported by hooks on one or more natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw, it also stabilizes with the help of  the tissues of the mouth such as gums and palate. These dentures are used to replace 1 up to 8 teeth.

Time: 4 visits, 30 minutes each (Impression, color and shape wax try in, placement and check up

Cost: $470- $600 usd


Total Prosthesis

 A way of replacing all teeth, there are two courses of action available.

  1.  The conventional denture, refers to a full set of dentures placed in the mouth when all the teeth have been removed which is stabilized with the help of mouth tissue (gums) and in upper cases the palate. The upper prosthesis covers the entire palate.

    Time: 4 visits, 30 minutes each (Impression, color and shape wax try in, placement and check up
    Cost: $600 each
  2. A denture that covers only the front part of the palate and uses teeth or implants as retention. In this case, there must be at least one tooth on each side of the arch that remains in good condition(healthy), they will require endodontics in order to place the attachments that will hold the denture in place. The attachments will prevent the dentures from shifting. it will be possible to remove them for washing and sleeping.

    In the case that  there are no healthy teeth, you will have the option of placing implants to set the attachments that fulfill the same function. Although the dentures are quite firm.

    Time and cost: It will depend if the attachments are set on the root or on implants.

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