Diagnostic & Planning

What is it?​

To make a comprehensive diagnosis of your mouth, we will need to gather information about your general health, your teeth, and the tissues around them.


What does it consist of?

This assessment is a detailed check up of your oral hygiene, your teeth, gums, bone, tongue, palate and lips, seeking for any alterations or, also to assure that any treatment that has been previously done is in good condition.
A record will be kept and individual or panoramic x-rays (radiographs) will be taken if necessary.

Photographs are also taken so that you can better visualize and analyze what we find in your mouth.

With the information collected, we will make a diagnosis, focusing on the reason of your consultation we make a treatment plan where the proposed procedures, possible alternatives, the time each appointment will take, and the costs are planned out and discuss .Once we agreed, we can start the journey towards a healthy and functional mouth.

Time: 1:30 hours
Cost: $40 usd

A simple smile can change everything

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