All On 4 An Alternative For Chewing Again

In a short time, All On 4 Implants have become the solution for many patients who lost several teeth. It is a complete arch prosthesis that, due to its design, offers everything necessary to help those who have had partial or total loss of their teeth.

The main feature of this treatment is that it can completely rehabilitate the area where implants are placed. Only a few months after its placement are enough for people to recover the strength of their bite and start eating normally again.

A hope for chewing again?

Compared to other procedures used to help patients regain the functionality of their teeth, such as dental crowns Tijuana, the All On 4 is a wholly fixed prosthesis that can cover the upper or lower part of the mouth and, if necessary, both parts of the mouth.

An effective process

The process of dental implants lasts around ten months since once the implants are placed, we must wait for the integration to complete. However, the patient is not left without teeth since temporary prostheses are placed during the wait. 

Bite stability

Unlike many other alternatives that dentists suggest for patients to be able to chew again, a characteristic of the All On 4 is that they provide stability and support, mainly due to the implants placed in the anterior part of the bone with this technique providing adequate support.

A more natural-looking denture

Techniques such as dental implants and All On 4 achieve an effect closer to the natural tooth. Patients can chew again as they did with their natural teeth. Another benefit is that removing the prosthesis is unnecessary to clean it, as is the case with dentures.

It doesn’t promote bone loss.

One of the most common problems, when a tooth is lost is that the adjacent teeth begin to shift to fill the space left, causing the bite to tilt and generating occlusion problems, leading to bone resorption, making it necessary to replace the missing pieces.

Dentists consider the All On 4 one of the best alternatives for patients to restore chewing and prevent bone resorption since it provides the gums with the pressure and stimulation they require to keep the bone in the best condition.

Life Quality

At first, the patient may not be aware of the damage that tooth loss can cause; however, it is necessary to pay special attention to it. The more this problem is allowed to go unnoticed, the more oral diseases will damage your dental health and, therefore, your quality of life.

Things you should know about the All On 4

Before starting the process, patients must undergo several studies and tests to confirm that they are in optimal conditions. Usually, the All On 4 is recommended for edentulous patients or those with a significant loss of teeth, primarily due to accidents or oral problems.

As mentioned before, it is common for the dentist in Tijuana to recommend this treatment to patients with a considerable bone deficit.

Lower cost compared to US 

One of the thoughts most patients have when they hear about the All On 4 is that it is a costly treatment. The reality is that in Mexico, this is not the case. Although it is one of the most expensive procedures to replace teeth compared to the United States, the prices in Tijuana, Mexico, are pretty accessible, which is why thousands of patients come to the city for this procedure.

Increased confidence

Tooth loss not only brings complications when chewing food but also other issues. Difficulty speaking properly, looking older, and low self-esteem due to appearance are just a few.

When a patient undergoes an All On 4, his quality of life improves considerably. All these problems are diminished or completely disappear from the patient’s life.

They are the closest thing to natural teeth

One of the reasons why people opt for All On 4 is that in addition to looking like natural teeth, the palate is not covered, which allows more comfortable chewing, and you can enjoy the taste of food and drinks just like with natural teeth.

Where can I get an All On 4?

Tijuana is one of the most important cities in Mexico regarding dental services. In Tijuana, professional clinics offer this kind of service, and Molar House is one of them. Our dental clinic’s main objective is to take care of your oral health.

That is why we offer professional services, with highly trained staff who will support you at all times to provide you with the best treatment. Among the services we offer at Molar House are cosmetic dentistry, dental rehabilitation, diagnosis, planning, and root canal treatment.

We handle a reasonable price to ensure that our patients have the best care. Schedule an appointment with us. We will gladly assist you.

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