Is it safe to go to a dentist in Mexico?


At Molar House we are a dental clinic committed to the health of our patients, so you can be sure that we comply with all hygiene protocols, including the COVID-19 health protocols, to prevent contagion. If something characterizes us in the professionalism and dedication with which we treat each of our patients.

Dental care is a top priority for hundreds of people because they know that if oral health is not given a certain priority, other issues may arise. That is why Mexico has become a good option for thousands of tourists that have had to live with cavities for years.

Since Mexico is more affordable and has everything to treat poor oral health, many questions are asked about the treatments offered. One of those doubts is, if it is really safe to go to a dental clinic in Mexico. Precisely for that reason, today we will solve that and more concerns.

Why is it safe to go to the dentist in Mexico?


Although there are many reasons why it is safe to be treated in Mexico, one of the main reasons is the personalized treatment. There are many patients who, when treated in insurance clinics or franchises, have dealt with staff turnover, a situation that sometimes causes treatments to be delayed or ineffective.

The advantage of going to a dentist in Mexico is that the clinic has a thorough knowledge of each case, and the staff is always the same. So the patient can be confident that his or her case will be handled as planned.

High level of education

Like dentists in countries such as: United States and Canada, dentists in Mexico also have a high level of training. However, they tend to offer more affordable prices since they do not need to continue paying for college after graduation, in addition to the fact that university studies are more accessible.

Another factor that favors dentists in Mexico is that they are required to work under very strict protocols. In order to guarantee that they offer the patient quality services, they must also comply with the corresponding permits and certificates in order to be able to work.

At Molar House, our dentists studied at one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico in dentistry, Universidad de la Salle Bajío, which is certified by the National Board of California. So you can be sure  that your dental health is in the best hands.

Materials quality

As in the United States, a dentist in Tijuana Mexico usually has high quality material. We are committed to the health of our patients, which is why at Molar House, we only use the highest quality materials, which also allows us to provide longer-lasting and more effective treatments to each of our patients.

This also allows us to achieve high aesthetics, which is why our patients are always very satisfied with the results.

Warranty is available

Due to what we mentioned above, it is common that in several clinics dentists offer some warranty on their work. It is very rare that a situation occurs, where the work has not been done properly, it is even more common that patients come to fix other work.

This happens mainly with tourists coming from countries like the United States, where it is not always easy to access good quality treatments, as they are usually expensive. 

Covid-19 safety

With the arrival of the pandemic, the world has been affected by all the changes that have been made. So today, in order to ensure that the patient is as safe as possible from this virus, different sanitary regulations are followed not only in dental clinics, but everywhere.

The patient can be assured that, at all times, he can be safe, because even in the stores these standards are being followed. So you can have the confidence to go sightseeing in the plaza, after treating your dental issues.

Advanced technology

There are dental treatments in which the highest technology must be used, in order to make a good diagnosis and start with a procedure. The advantage of being treated in cities like Tijuana, especially in Molar House dental clinic is that our dentists give priority to this kind of equipment, so we have the most modern equipment to provide you with the best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with the help of these tools you can have a clearer idea about the duration of a procedure. For the same reason, it is much easier for the patient to have a better idea of the budget he or she will have to invest in order to treat his or her conditions.

First class facilities

It is necessary to keep the patient comfortable with good hygiene and treatment. This is important because otherwise, the patient may feel discomfort at the time when a procedure is being performed.

A calm and comfortable patient will always be much easier to treat than a patient who is uncomfortable.  

At Molar House we are located in New City Medical Plaza, one of the most modern and safe complexes in Tijuana, located in the most central area of ​​the city, very close to the border. Finding accommodation, food, pharmacy and other services will be very simple. We also have a shuttle service for the comfort and safety of our patients.

Affordable prices

Although the price should not be something that influences much in a decision, the truth is that it is usually one of the main factors. Especially for hundreds of people who do not have good dental insurance, however, having affordable prices is usually not a disadvantage in dental clinics in Tijuana.

Even so, it is best not to be guided only by this detail, on the contrary, it is best to verify that the clinic is professional. At Molar House, we have become one of the best clinics in Tijuana, with our professionalism we have been able to treat hundreds of patients.

Our dentists have the necessary studies and certificates to perform a job that leaves any patient satisfied. So you can rest assured that our priority will always be you at all times, we will seek the best for you.

Some of the services we offer are: cosmetic dentistry, dental rehabilitation, diagnosis and planning, as well as root canal treatment. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always have the best services at affordable prices.

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