What is a smile design?

Steps of smile design

  1. Listening to the patient’s expectations: why they want to change the appearance of their teeth, what they would like to change (color, shape, position). Taking diagnostic records: impressions, photographs, odontogram, x-rays, bite records.

  2. Planning: determine if whitening, orthodontics or another procedure are required and the material options, depending on the amount of wear, the design of the new smile is done digitally and in wax. It is very important to first resolve problems with cavities or gum disease in order to obtain long lasting and predictable results.

  3. Presentation to the patient: the patient is shown how his or her teeth would look like, a prototype is made and placed in his or her mouth temporarily. In this way the patient can literally feel and see the planned change totally reversible. Treatment time, number of appointments, types of materials, treatment options, costs are discussed.

Ready for change! It’s time to start treatment

What is a smile design?

A smile design is ideal to show off a natural, harmonious and esthetically perfect smile, but to achieve a successful result it will be necessary to submit the patient to several dental treatments, depending on the state of their teeth and the recommendations provided by the dentist. It should be noted that each person has their own structure and dental care, so each of the procedures to perform a smile design is personalized and therefore, some patients will require more treatments than others.

The series of treatments most commonly implemented in this type of services by a dentist in tijuana are: teeth whitening, orthodontics, resins, veneers, dental implants and periodontics.

Initial diagnosis

The initial diagnosis is essential to gather all the necessary information about the patient’s dental health, it involves a thorough review of the teeth, gums, lips, palate, bones and tissues that make up the mouth. Once it is ensured that there is no abnormality at first sight, the next step will be to take an x-ray and photographs that will allow the elaboration of a diagnosis and an ideal treatment plan.

Treatment development

Oral diseases

Within the diagnosis it is possible to notice the existence of any oral disease, among them: caries, gingivitis, fractures, bruxism and tartar plaque. In the event that any of these diseases are present, it will be necessary to eliminate them before starting an aesthetic alignment procedure within the smile design.

Teeth alignment

Once the dental diseases are treated, you can opt for a teeth alignment, where the bite can be corrected, since the first impression made by a smile is the state of the teeth, and it also helps to prevent fractures and dental wear, avoiding the appearance of this kind of issues in the future.

Dental cleaning and whitening

A staple among dental treatments are teeth cleaning and whitening, since these are the type of procedures that people are expected to undergo constantly to keep a good dental hygiene, so they are also necessary to obtain a complete smile design treatment.

Once the diseases are treated and the bite is corrected, it is possible to continue with these two treatments that have the function of removing stains and tartar accumulation, resulting in a clean and fresh smile without losing the natural tone of the teeth. This is the last dental procedure to be performed in case veneers or dental implants are not needed.

Veneers or crowns

It is possible that in some cases where the affectations in the mouth are very severe and there is a notorious wear on the teeth, it may be necessary to implement veneers or dental crowns to ensure the perfect appearance you are looking for. 

Dental Implants

Also, if you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants will be necessary in order to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Procedure length

Transforming a smile to achieve a spectacular and unique appearance requires time, however; the duration depends on the amount of treatments patients require, starting from 3 weeks to a few months. In case you need to apply veneers, dental implants or have gum disease, the time will be extended, while if you have a good oral condition and the procedures to be performed are minimal, the wait will be shorter.

It is important to consider that in order to obtain the desired results in the smile design procedure, bad habits such as smoking should be avoided, since they affect the teeth in terms of discoloration, implant integration as well as being prone to diseases such as deep cavities, oral cancer, bacterial infections and periodontitis.

At Molar House we have an expert group of dentists who will accompany you in each of the dental treatments you need, recommending the best to ensure a perfect smile accompanied by a quality service.

If you are looking for a smile design that brings you comfort and security, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment and learn about our dental aesthetics services.

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